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Arnhem - A Debt of Dishonour Film


Arnhem - A Debt of Dishonour

A Debt of Dishonour is dedicated to Major General Sosabowski and all ranks who served in the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade Group and to their Comrades-in-Arms of the 1st British Airborne Division that fought in the ill-fated “Operation Market Garden” at Arnhem and Driel during September 1944.

A Debt of Dishonour offers a fresh insight into the role of Polish forces under General Sosabowski and his own leadership capabilities during “Operation Market Garden” using key-witness accounts by British officers uniquely placed to be able to judge the events as they unfolded. The film includes contributions by:

Brigade Major (Retd.) Tony Hibbert MBE, MC
 — Interview filmed on location in Cornwall, 3 April 2012.

Sir Brian Urquhart KCMG, MBE
— Reflections on Arnhem, 5-8 August 2012.

Major General (Retd.) John Drewienkiewicz CB, CMG, MA 
— Filmed on location at the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum in London, 6 September 2012.

Polski Bohater-Polish Hero

To accompany the film is an illustrated twelve-page booklet Major General SosabowskiPolski Bohater - Polish Hero” by Colonel Mike Russell, Commander, Aldershot Garrison.

"...Sosabowski rose to his feet and spoke in English about the futility of what was being proposed. Dyrda recalls that his General said: ‘For 8 days and nights not only Polish soldiers but the best sons of England are dying there in vain, for no effect'. There was an uncomfortable silence; again, not a word from Browning. Eventually, Horrocks said: 'This conference is over. The orders given by General Thomas are to be carried out.'..."

The Polski Bohater - Polish Hero booklet is available for download using the link below:

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